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If you are looking for search engine marketing consultancy or a search engine optimizer, WHITE HAT should be the first place you visit to be sure you found a ethical correct partner. Don't simply contact one. Compare the services of 2 or 3 companies to get the best of it. Feel free to use our site as often and as long as you want. If you own or work for a SEO- or SEM-company you should join us today. Ethical SEO- and SEM-work is long lasting and helps you building up your business. Ethical work proves quality to your clients. Having signed guidelines of search engines builds trust. Being part of a serious organization can do magic.


When WHITE HAT was founded the main idea and goal was to secure Website Owners and Search Engines from BLACK HAT SEO's. There was no organization that would provide a similar service, at no cost for members and the web community. Knowing that we can't guarantee a better world or clean search engine indexes it was important to us to find a simple way that proofs ethical correct SEO- and SEM-work of serious SEO- or SEM-companies, no matter what size they may have.

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All our members have to do is signing the guidelines of several search engines in all languages that they provide and agree to our ethical statement. References of work are good. Beeing in the News, in Newspapers and books as well. But does this secure you have a WHITE HEAD SEO doing the work? No ways. Important is that all members signed guidelines and these are vissible to the web community. There is no other place that gives you as much trust before contacting a future SEO- or SEM-Marketing company.

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